The Right Call For Your Business

One of your most important business assets is your IP communication system. The right System gives you the power to attract customers, increase productivity, save money, enhance your image and improve customer satisfication. That’s why so many leading companies go with Toshiba. Toshiba’s IPedge offers performance-driven IP architecture, intregated unified communication applications, centralized management, mobility, and more. IPedge communication solutions are designed to integrate business processes and communications to create value, efficiency, maximize your return on investment and minimize total cost of ownership. Wether your business is just getting started, expanding, or adding new locations, communication is key to keeping your customers, employees, and vendors connected. Toshiba’s networking technology lets you network multiple systems together. You can improve integration between decentralizes locations and dramatically expand capacity. To meet your business needs, Toshiba’s IPedge offers three models:

The IPedge Advantages

Single Server Simplicity

Running multiple applications on one unified server instead of requiring an individual server for each application, delivers significant saving on equipment and ongoing maintenance costs. Application include:
  • Call Processing
  • IPedge messaging
  • IPedge meeting with web and video collaboration
  • Call Manager – unified communications client application
  • IPedge mobility/Toshiba UCedge

Designed For Performance

With its IP technology and open standards, the Toshiba IPedge solution offers many important advantages:
  • Call processing supports features like SIP trunking, administration and maintenance, traffic reports and more
  • Linux operating system provides higher levels of security
  • Survivability within or across the network ensures business continuity
  • Use of SIP trunks doesn’t require any gateway
  • A single IP address provides cost-effectiive deployment
  • Future endpoint devices and applications will be compatible with the IPedge, protecting your investment
  • Sleek 1U low-profile server chassis occupies minimun rack space

Management Tools Made Easy

Enterprise Manager built into the IPedge server platform means there’s no software installation necessary. With its administration accessed via web browser, Enterprise Manager offers the key benefits:
  • Centralized management and installation of all your locations, eliminating database errors between network nodes
  • Enable users to program buttons, personalize telephone function and free the system administrator to perform other tasks

Unified Communications

Toshiba’s powerful Call Manager application lets you combine the capabilities of your computer and Toshiba telephone into one powerful communication tool. Use your mouse to dial, answer, transfer calls without picking up the phone’s handset.
  • CRM integration with program like Salesfore.com, Microsoft Outlook and more
  • Use PC for chat instant and broadcasting messages to multiple users
  • Presence capabilities let users see the current status

Power and Productivity

IPedge integrates a variety of voice communication features over your IP network, allowing you to extend full telephone mobile functionality to local and remote users.

On-site Mobility

Toshiba wireless IP telephones enable you to answer calls, access voicemail and utilize virtually all the system’s advanced calling features anywhere your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) provides coverage. The SoftIPT soft phone client operates on your laptop or tabletPC via your WLAN and anywhere via the internet.

Off-site Mobility

Toshiba’s uMobility Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) allows a mobile worker’s smart cell phone to function as their extension phone via the wireless LAN in the office and via a cellular network when out of the office.