Business Process Integration Unified Communications

Your voice communications system is one of your biggest assets, with the power to attract customers, enhance the image projected to your customers, save money, increase productivoty and improve customer satisfication. This is why so many leading companies choose Toshiba. Toshiba’s IP communication solutions are designed to drive business process integration and unified communications to create value, efficiency and maximize return on investment for our customers.

Toshiba Strata CIX™ – The Innovative IP Communication Solution

Whether you are just getting started or are growing or adding new locations, communication is key to keeping your customers, employees and vendors connected. Toshiba offers a full line of Strata CIX communication platform that give you the flexibility to grow, add applications and customize function as needed. Plus, Toshiba’s StrataNet Technology lets you network multiple decentralized locations, dramatically expanding capacity or improving integration between locations

Toshiba’s innovative system architecture allows you to implement an all IP solution, all digital or a mix of IP and digital telephones that meet your needs. You can migrate to IP capabilities as your organization’s needs change.


CIX™ 100 – Big Capability for Small Business

Small Business need a flexible telecommunication system that can easily adapt to your changing and growing needs. The Strata CIX100 is specifically designed the exact telecommunication features your business requires today and as it grows in the future. That makes the Strata CIX100 the ultimate cost-effective telecommunication solution to give you the investment protection you need.

Toshiba’s expertise makes the Strata CIX100 the optimum solution, whether you need a basic telephone system or advanced capabilities.

Strata CIX™670/CIX™1200 – The Communication System that Grows with Your Business

The StrataCIX670 and Strata CIX1200 unify, coordinate and streamline all your communications with comprehensive solutions for your full range of telecommunication needs.

Modular in architecture, scalable in design, networkable with other systems, the StrataCIX670 and Strata CIX1200 give you incredible capabilities today and the ability to build out your system as you grow. Expand up to 560 telephones with CIX670 or 1,000 telephones with CIX1200 and even more by networking multiple systems. Share vital information and functionality between your main office, branch office and remote locations to achieve all your business goals.

For all CIX systems, you can add valuable options like Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Automatic Call Distribution, Voice Over Internet Protocol, StrataNet multiple system networking and more to improve your business overall productivity and customer service.