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About US

About Us

PT Aneka Infokom Tekindo is founded in 1996 to meet and fulfil the rising demands of the business-world technology in Indonesia. Aneka ventured out within the capital city of Jakarta and by early Y2K, it has established nationwide footprints across the archipelago.

Aneka began with Office Automation products distribution and as of today, it is one of the market leader in business consultancy and IT solution provider with comprehensive scope in both hardware and software.


  • Aneka begins it’s journey.

    Involves in IT product since the early Eighties and venture out with Office Automatic Service in the capital city of Indonesia in ‘96.

    Within the year, Aneka strengthens it’s product range by forming a strategic nationwide exclusive partnership with Toshiba

  • To fulfil and serve the fast growing enterprise business needs, Aneka developed IT solutions and System Integration department.

  • Aneka established more coverage of networks throughout the Java Island, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and other major cities in the archipelago.

  • Established the World’s first lifestyle IT Service Centre in Asia, The Premier Lounge, located at the heart of the Capital City.

  • Since 1996, Aneka consecutively seized the Number ONE Laptop Market for 14 years.

  • Became Leading Printing solution and communication system provider.

  • Launching the first cloud service on network solution.

  • And the story goes...

    Initiate a First localized AI and machine learning solution on big data analysis tools.


Corporate Culture

  • Message from our Founder
    "Aneka Infokom Tekindo stands on Variety
    in information and communication technology"


Our Mission

To assist our business partners and associates in creating sustainable businesses and bringing better quality of life to people through technology.

Our Core Value



Continuous Success is earning on TRUST, earning TRUST will bring on Continuous Success


Corporate Social Responsibility


In-line with its corporate values, our group is committed to improving the infrastructure sector of Indonesia, not only in urban but also rural areas.

Therefore, we are working with Village Unit Cooperatives (KUD) to help design and build digital infrastructures for 9,437 KUD and traditional markets all across Indonesia, which serves over 13,400,000 family members.

Aligned with ours, KUD have a mission to provide maximum benefits for their members through interrelated businesses. With the support of digitalized big data analytics and organization, we are hoping to contribute more effectively and efficiently to the national economy and grow into a reliable line of business in Indonesia.


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