Financial Service

Our Founder envisions to improve and upgrade the living standard of the Indonesian population lower segment. One of the key challenge to tackle this is to improvise the penetration of financial inclusion. The group initiate the following vehicle to build an ecosystem that benefit B2B and B2C financial service.


Founded in 2012, Ezeelink Indonesia is a Payment System and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system provider across Greater Jakarta, Java, and Sumatra, and electronic card application that are available in iOS and Android platform.

With over 2 million card holders, Ezeelink continues to grow in-line with the advancement of technology to support the sales and loyalty of its partners and customers.

In 2018, Ezeelink was granted e-money license (No. 20/210/DKSP) from Bank Indonesia to operate electronic money services in Indonesia.

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Bank Koperindo Jaya aims to simplify, accelerate, improve the competitiveness in MSME sector and the general public by continuing to innovate in technology and information.


  • - Providing competitive financing solution for MSMEs in Indonesia
  • - Educate MSMEs to be able to utilize digital technology in business
  • - Obtain financial service by utilizing digital technology
  • - Provide other important value added service for stakeholders

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Technosolve is an information technology and IT services company focused on helping Banking companies (BPR, BPD, Commercial Banking, Syariah Banking) and other Financial companies.

A financial solutions platform provider in Hong Kong founded in 2002 by senior executives of the former Hong Kong Chinese Bank. Well experienced in implementing the complete TIBS Core Banking Solution and Anti Money Laundering Module in 2004 and 2010 at Macau Chinese Bank and Wing Lung Bank Limited Macau Bank, and implementing CIF, Loans, Collateral, Central Liabilities and General Ledger at Fubon Bank in the year of 2008, and previously applied TIBS to Dah Sing Bank in 2007.

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  Health Care & Go-Green Living

  PT Techking Enterprises Indonesia (TEI)

TEI aims to serve and build a healthy environment and lifestyle in Indonesia. Established in 1999, we process, produce and distribute Ki Water and OKTO antiseptics.

Established in 1999, we process, produce and distribute Ki Water and OKTO antiseptics.


Ki Water is a healthy drinking water produced through high-level processing and packaging that differentiated itself from any other bottled water.

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OKTO antiseptics is an alcohol free Colloidal Silver antiseptics which does not contain any hazardous chemicals nor adverse side effects. It is proven effective in eliminating micro-organisms, germs and bacteria.

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