IT Solution & System Integration

We provide tailored software development according to our clients’ needs and compile in different systems together through our expertise based on customer’s expectations. Hence, our clients very much benefited the flexibility and agility of the IT solutions we designed.



Document Management Solution

Aneka provides a 360-degree scope of Document Management, encompasses solutions from INPUT => MANAGEMENT => OUTPUT.

We assist enterprises to create an efficient document management from indexing, storage, archiving, retrieving and distributing. Output for viewing, faxing, copying and printing to facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting workgroups and productivity with sharing learning, and better-informed decision making.

Unified Communication System

Communication is the fundamental tool in any business successes. From digital to IP-based system, integrating in any communication device, we can always meet the communication system needs with the right product from our wide range of brands, providing our client with the best, cost-effective solutions.



Procurement as a Service (PAAS)

Comprehending in fulfilling our clients’ needs is one of our key successes in the business solution industry for more than two decades. A combination with our data-driven analysis and our comprehensive business and office supplies network, we have successfully improved cost efficiency through optimizing the right product and solution to support business needs.